Time Keeping

Automated Timekeeping: A true Investment Opportunity

What most business owners don’t realize is that an automated timekeeping solution will not only pay for itself year after year, but it will also return immense savings. These savings stretch far beyond simply recovering the cost of the service in the form of reduced labor costs. They eliminate human error costs, payroll staff costs and additional time for all staff members involved in payroll preparation each pay period. Employee punches are seamlessly integrated into the system, eliminating time spent keying in and manipulating data. For more information about Timekeeping, click here. (.pdf)

Convenience vs. Savings:

Many companies today considering implementing an automated timekeeping system are motivated primarily by upgrading to digital time tracking; however, what is often overlooked is exactly how much companies save by tracking their employees with an automated solution.

Standard Terminals:

  • Simple setup- within minutes
  • Easy data collection: Card Swipe; PIN; biometric scans
  • Automatically transmits time data to database up to 3x/day
  • Biometric scan capability can be included

Web-Based time keeping solutions

  • Employees can clock in and out on the Internet, no hardware needed
  • Data editing and reporting conveniently performed on the web
  • Immediate access to employee time data
  • Employees can view their time cards online

Features & Benefits Include:

  • Employee scheduling and rounding
  • Automatic daily lunch deductions
  • Supervisor login access (limited access login)
  • Holiday pay settings
  • Labor distribution
  • Overtime settings

Utilize enhanced and automatic time tracking capabilities

  • Increase company’s bottom line and profitability
  • Minimize wasted labor minutes
  • Improve employee time management
  • Reduce human error, the cost to reissue paychecks, and employee dissatisfaction
  • Enhance reporting capabilities for employee labor worked
  • Reduce the overall cost of employee labor
  • Eliminate hours of unnecessary and expensive payroll labor